These days as and increasing amount of small and micro businesses are starting up they are always looking for new ideas on how to expand their online reach.
The general buzz at the moment and for the past few years has been around social media and good quality content.
But business owners today don’t necessarily have to embrace social media and content creation as many people would say they must! Especially if they are unsure what  creating content and using social media actually entails!

You only have to look at Facebook or the web in general to see that we are now living in a world of publishers! Educators! And content creators! There is so much noise out there that to stand out from the crowd now you really must do something a bit different.

There are a few issues that business owners have with starting to use social media and creating decent quality articles and thought leadership for their audience:

Understanding / Education

Many existing businesses and start ups don’t understand why they should be using content and social media and tend to start without having a marketing strategy or an understanding of how social media fits into this resulting in time and resource wastage without the desired results.


Time to learn – Many business owners don’t have a budget to pay a marketing or pr company to carry out social media marketing effectively for them so the next best option would be to take on training and learn how to use social media however a new business or business that has been trading for some time will often be very time poor as they spend time working on their business to fit anything else in can be crippling to a freelancer or micro business without any additional resource.

Time to act – Perhaps the small business has made time to learn to effectively use social media and are able to create good quality content and blogs but again, how will they find the time to deliver such campaigns with limited resource and time?


Often the small business may not have the skills in place to write content, use grammar effectively and use basic computer functions even after a training session and this will impact whether the company or individual will be able to carry out social media marketing and content creation activities at all. 

Imagination / Creativity!

It’s true, there is too much noise out there. If a business or individual lacks imagination or creativity they’ll end up  saying the same thing as everyone else as well as creating the same content as competitors who are already a step ahead.

The result and what to consider! – In my opinion the best way for the small, micro business, entrepreneur or freelancer should decide whether to use social media as a marketing tool or medium should be to simply: Stop! Wait! and listen to the market! They should not just jump on the bandwagon right away!

The business could start by doing some research to find out who is using social media, and where this audience are hanging out, Thinking about the time implications / Do they have time to create a successful campaign and will this trade of as increased awareness for a businesses product, service or will it generate more sales?

On the other hand! – if a business procrastinates and waits for too long, they may miss a trick! A good mix of strategy and quick reaction is key! And the best thing about the micro/small/owner managed business? – they can simply make things happen now whereas larger entities could take much longer to make decisions.

What do you think? Are there any additional issues that small businesses have? And does it all come down to strategy? Or should we just take the leap and ‘Do’ before it’s too late? –

Comment below if you desire.