I’ve put together a little twitter checklist for you, just a list of things you could do before you start tweeting or if you need some guidance on how to progress your twitter account from just broadcasting, I just wanted to help you ‘get it’ so you don’t waste your valuable time without setting a goal and having a plan! This is not a ‘how to’ post but more of a ‘what you should think about’ before you start to tweet list! Enjoy….

1. SET A GOAL – Why are you using twitter and what do you wish to achieve by using this platform to grow your business?

2. Find your Voice – How do you want to sound / appear to your new audience? Have you already got an offline voice or tone of voice on another network? – Are you, you? or are you a faceless brand?

3.  Design your page – the twitter profile dimensions are on twitter support here (best to get the right sizes or it could look dodgy on a large/small screen)

4. Think about how you are going to connect with your audience this may be by using twitter chats (see my blog on what is a twitter chat) and hashtags or simply involving yourself in conversations.

5. What content will you share? it’s always good to bank a load of great content so you don’t run out, try Picmonkey to make weird and fun images it’s free. You can schedule this content (read my post on automation – some say do, some say don’t!) or just post when you feel like it. Will you also retweet others content or use a content aggregator. (find out why retweeting can be bad if you don’t read it first!)

6. How will you measure the success of your content? – Tools like google analytics, and the twitter analytics tool (which you find here: https://analytics.twitter.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/tweets) are excellent way to measure the success of campaigns, hootsuite is also very good.

7. When will you start? – There is no time like the present! when you have steps 1-6 done you could pretty much start but work out how long this campaign will last and how long you need before you feel you will achieve your goal.

Basically set a goal, work out how you might achieve that goal, measure your success and then analyse it! Did your campaign work? What would you add or remove from this list?