Facebook made some changes recently to it’s newsfeed. The algorithm changed to stop showing users spammy posts on their newsfeed. This has upset a few people because they were wrongly doing most of their business through their Facebook page and not using any other marketing platform. The problem with this is that they Built their business on rented land! So at anytime it could be taken away. – Does this sound like YOU? 

The issue for you now is that Facebook is regularly showing less than 2% of page fans the content that you share. Most of the time this is because the content you are sharing is spammy or just plain rubbish so you must change the way you use Facebook and the type if posts you are sharing, Put it this way, no one wants to keep seeing links to your new products or latest package deal, it’s just boring. 

I have complied a short list of Do’s an Don’ts to get you going! Don’t give up on Facebook just yet, just try a different tact and see what happens:

Try to AVOID:

Like baiting or posts that try to desperately get likes for the sake of it such as: Like this if you love it! – This doesn’t wash with Facebook and frankly your fans are bored of it! – Oh and did I mention… what’s the point!? 

Selling your stuff all of the time! – Try and stop selling for a few weeks and see if your fans start interacting with you and your content more.

What you should do MORE of:

Get to know your community. Share content with them that is helpful, inspirational, aspirational and informative.

Offer freebies and incentives to fans for being part of your community

Ask questions (about your customer – not what they think of your latest deal!) and always respond in a timely manner

Post regularly to your page – at least 3 times per day and use the on page scheduling tool to schedule your posts directly from the page

Don’t post content for the sake of it! – Just because I said post 3 times per day doesn’t mean you have to! I am not the oracle and nor is Mr Joe Bloggs Social Media Guy, there is no true Expert – how can there be? Social Media and the web are changing constantly!

Make your posts visual! – Use Canva, Pic Monkey and other free online image editors to create the perfect content. People get so much junk in their feed and if they see something visually stimulating they are more likely to respond to it. 

Keep your posts positive an upbeat! – Stop complaining about your reach and don’t ask your fans if they can see your post! – That looks a bit desperate again.

Don’t lose sight of why you are using a facebook business page! It’s not to make you look good because you have a load of likes or people sharing your content – you have this page ultimately to build your profile and sell your products and services!

Bonus! – Please make sure you get your fans data and email addresses! This way you still have this customer to market to when facebook changes the rules again! – Which by the way they are entitled to do, you don’t own your page OK?

Trial this for 3 weeks and analyse your results as opposed to the previous 3 – has this made a difference to your sales or leads? – is it working? 

If you use insights and google analytics on your website you’ll soon see what’s working and what’s not! You may get less reach on your Facebook business page and posts but find you are getting more clicks to your website in which case it’s worth it because you have a targeted audience seeing them.

You know… Facebook post reach or Facebook page likes should have never been your goal!

Let me know how you get on!