You may have heard that WordPress is a brilliant platform to create your wordpress website or blog.

Using WordPress is a safe bet! It’s easy to use and can be a cost effective way to own your part of the web within a few hours.

Depending on your budget you can get a designer or developer to create the site for you and prices start from about £500. Or you can take the leap and do it yourself!

What you need to get started:

First you need hosting, hosting is a a bit of space that you can buy on the web to keep your wordpress website on, there are plenty of cost effective hosting companies around but I would recommend Blue Host or Go Daddy but have really good support (even in the UK) and fees are from £4 per month. 

Both offer incredible support and hosting starts from £4 per month. 

How to set up your website:

Login to your hosting account and purchase your hosting plan

Purchase your domain name and add to your hosting plan. Again Domains can be purchased easily from Blue Host or Go Daddy and in some cases you’ll get a free domain! 

Normally you’ll find apps in your hosting centre. Once your domain is bedded on your hosting (normally takes less than an hour but can be longer) you can add the wordpress application to your domain. Answer the questions such as name and login info for the website and click enter.

After a few moments you should receive an email saying  wordpress has installed on your hosting plan.

You now have a website! / login uk your website by using g this note the wp-admin at the end of your domain / this is how you will log in.

Now you have a decision to make! Will you be using a free template or a premium template?

In my opinion premium templates are professional and expertly designed. I use Themeforest. To find themes search the database until you find the perfect wordpress theme for your business. Prices start from about £20- £45 depending on what features you require. It is also worth noting that there is a star rating system so you can choose a theme that has been rated more highly by members.
Make sure you look for a theme that has premium support so if you come across any difficulties you know you are not alone!

Once you have chosen your theme you will need to purchase and install it! Simply download the zip file from the downloads centre and go to your wp dashboard. In your WP Dashboard choose appearance then Themes and press upload.

Press the upload button choose the zip file from your computers folders and upload. This should only take a few minutes. (make sure you upload the file as a complete zip)

Once the theme has uploaded you now have a website you just need to populate it!

Refer to the theme guidelines and upload any demo content if it’s offered. You can also refer to the demo to see how you can make the theme work better for you.

Normally under appearance and theme options you’ll find many options to customise your theme!

Good luck! Do post your website here so i can see, and always happy to give feedback or advice if needed.

Here’s a quick recap in 8 easy steps:

1. Choose hosting – Recommended: Blue Host or Go Daddy

2. Purchase Domain name – You can do this within your chosen hosting account

3. Add Domain to hosting

4. Use one click install to add the wordpress app to your hosting account

5. Login to WP using

6. Choose your theme – Recommended: Themeforest

7. Upload theme to WP

8. Customise

– For this wordpress website I use GoDaddy hosting and the theme is called Avada, purchased from Themeforest