Let’s talk about you and me! Let’s talk about that dirty word! SALES! – did you think I was referring
To something else?

Why do we find it hard to talk about sales and selling using social media. If we are using social media as a tool or platform for marketing our business let’s just be honest the best measurement of all is how many sales we make and how much money we are making! Sales revenue is the key to our business. We use marketing to get sales! Not the other way around.

As an online retailer it’s really easy  to track sales with the tools available such as google analytics and goals to see how many sales you have made.

But likewise as a service provider it is still very possible to make the sale through social media it may be that you use social media to create leads in which you then need to turn into a sale afterwards with a meeting or phone call.

Community is great, building your trust factor is cool but actually when it comes to selling products you can sell on social media by simply asking people to take action (see my blog on why social media isn’t really working for you). It does work. You know the saying! ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get!’ And just what do you have to lose exactly by asking for the sale? 

Twitter (see what is twitter) is one of my favourite tools for lead generation and I use it as the first step, I get the lead and then it’s where I take them after that, that turns them into a paying customer. 

We do it for money, some people do it for love but there’s not much love about when you are broke and you can’t pay your mortgage or feed your kids. So money first! Sales first!

So how can you make sales using social media? By sales I mean:

‘the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something’

Not making a new contact or friend but a real exchange of cash!

Coming from a media sales background it seems crazy to me that people embark on social media as a channel to get more business and then they don’t attach any revenue goals to it!


Set a Target

The first thing you can do is set a goal! It could be a lead generation goal and then of course you’d need to collect information so you’d need your lead pages set up and the right content available. (Any good digital marketing professional can help you with this.)

My favourite goal is a revenue based goal this could be this month I will make £1000 in sales using Twitter or Facebook

Then you should work out how to reach those goals.

I can pretty much guarantee if you are targeted and you have a product or service that serves this targeted audience you’ll sell it using social media. Look for target interest groups online or social media communities listen to see if people are looking for your product or service or if they may need it. 

If you have a larger product or service which requires demonstration you can use social media to set up meetings or gather interest groups to events.

Obviously to do all of this you need to have profiled your ideal customer or your target audience. If you don’t know who your buyer is you are screwed. This is something you should have done when you decided to start your business!

To summarise:

1. Set a target (revenue based is best)
2. Find your target interest groups / communities
3. Sell your product or gather targeted leads
4. Know your customer (this comes first, if you don’t know this then you need seriously help!) 

Easy. Try this without the fluff! It does work you have my word! I’ve been known to pick up 1000 leads before a product has even launched! And then turn those leads into paying customers. All through social media and just by asking! Really. it is that easy.

So let’s talk about SALES baby! Set your target and go get em’

In the words of Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall ST):

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.